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The Journal of Social Studies Education in Asia (JSSEA) aims to make connections among the international fields of social studies education in Asia. JSSEA focuses on general trends and major shifts in curriculum and pedagogy, policy, and practices of students and teachers regarding social studies education in Asian countries. As the impact of globalization is felt at local, national, regional and international levels, so the role of social studies education and citizenship education is gradually changing in each context of Asia. JSSEA stimulates innovation and debate, promotes theoretical development in the field, and encourages reflective practice.

Call for papers for the special issue (Volume 9): How can social studies relate to youth civic engagement?

Since its birth, social studies education has aimed to educate citizens who can create their own society. However, with the wave of globalization and information-oriented culture, the way of “create their own society,” in other words, how citizens engage in society has been changed. Kahn et al. (2015) mentioned that the traditional way called “institutional politics,” such as voting and participating political parties or civic groups, changed into “participatory politics,” which citizens directly obtain and send political information using a new digital medium or social networks. Responding to the societal change mentioned above, this special issue will tackle the question “How can social studies relate to youth civic engagement?”

Regardless of ISSA membership, any scholar from all over the world can contribute to this special issue. Please submit your article through JSSEA homepage by November 30, 2019. Additionally, we are waiting for ISSA members’ contribution to general research articles. The deadline is the same as the special issue.

If you have any question about the special issue, please leave your message through Contact Us.

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